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admin | Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

This week saw 6 races in just 5 days Intense racing to say the least. Our results in 2 man 15th 10th  11th Four man 7th  6th 14th Fastest speed 132.2 km/h Fast 4 man push 5.00 Our race positions are still a little disappointing given what we want to achieve however we are setting personal bests for our  push and down times. On a personal note it was a great week as I was working closely with both the Canadian and the British teams looking after many of their athletes. Our 4 man is working on their timing to get the starts down pat. We currently use a bobbing sequence called the 'Russian bob' which involves two bounces before the hit on the sled. Unfortunately at the moment with the injuries to different team members our consistency with timing and starts still has not fulfilled its potential. The thrill and rush of sliding is still there however with the day to day rush of sled preparation and treating all the athletes you start to see the hard slog of the sport. The rush and fatigue caught up with the team and we crashed in the last race at park city.  While everyone was ok there where a few sore heads and bruised bodies. It is a 17 hrs car ride back to Calgary for the World Cup in 2 days time. Heath and Lucas flew back to Calgary so as to compete in the official training for the  World Cup in order to get some tv time for our sponsors however our extensive travel and fatigue meant they crashed in practice and failed to qualify. 2 crashes in 2 days meant we had a welcomed day off before our trip to lake placid where we are to compete in both the Americas cup and World Cup to be held here over the next 15 days. The crashes definitely put the risks associated with the sport in the forefront of your mind. You definitely reps expect the track and what it can do. Lake placid is regarded by  many as one of the hardest tracks in the world and it is a return to the track where I began the season where the American athlete broke her jaw.

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