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Bradley Prestidge BSc Mchiro – Macquarie University

I became a Chiropractor after receiving treatment in my late teens. I completed my Bachelor of Science with a double major in Anatomy and Physiology before completing my Masters Degree in Chiropractic.

I practised as an Associate in Adelaide, Australia, before being selected to practice under one of the world’s leading authorities on Spinal Manipulation in London, having also been a frequent guest lecturer at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic.

Upon my return to Australia, I set up my own clinic utilising the specialised form of Gonstead Chiropractic and am a member of the teaching staff at Macquarie University to tutor future Chiropractors.

I am one of 24 practitioners holding Diplomate status in the Gonstead Chiropractic society in Australia, and one of a few practitioners who successfully completed the Gonstead Extremity Certification in the world.

Alongside Chiropractic, my passion is Neurology, Neuroplastisity and Functional Neurology. Neurology in the clinic environment gives me a greater understanding of the human body and how it works, allowing me the ability to have a positive influence on conditions and help people that would normally be untreatable. I am continually inspired by the amazing results that are achieved with this application.

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