Olympic trials

admin | Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Olympic trials and first calgary slide Last Monday we had the official Olympic trials to make the squad that will go forward to compete in the upcoming season and then hopefully qualify for the Sochi winter Olympic Games. Even though we all knew each other, tension was high, as everyone wanted to push well.  In the greater schemme of things these qualifiers still does not guarantee anyone a spot in the Olympics. It does mean however those that get to go will come from the squad selected on the day. The day was going to see the 10 possible people available for selection officially cut to 7. A few had decided that the Olympic dream was not for them so had not made the trek to calgary to compete on the day. The nerves of the day took me back to the under 12 soccer grand final of 1983. Breakfast was small and eating during the day was difficult as holding down anything on top of the butterflies in my stomach seemed impossible. They had preped the ice and it was fast. I had drawn to push 6th. I had a moment to stop and think when it was my turn. Everything seemed to go in slow motion for a few seconds. i thought to myself  that it seemed weird that I was standing on the block about to push for national selection. It was amazing just to be there. I honestly can not remeber much about the whole pushing experience. I know I have it on tape some where to go back and watch at a later date. It was over in a flash. I was not happy with much of the techniqual stuff of the push. I was a little disappointed with my effort. The results came in, it was official I was the slowest in the squad, however the important part of that sentence is "in the squad" I had made it!!!! I have the largest opportunity of improvement of anyone in the team! and I fully intend on making use of that opportunity http://www.spencebobsquad.com/meet-the-team.html The next day we formed different combinations to find the fastest four man squad we could put together. It does not always work out that the fastest pushers are the fastest team as it comes down to timing and coordination. The individualism and competitiveness had gone and we were now all working together to form a team. On the track I was the first to be in the the new 2 man sled. Thank you to all of those that gave through our sportaroo campaign to help us buy it. It is a second hand sled from the female team. With Jana Pittman joining the female team they were able to raise money to buy a brand new sled allowing us to buy their old sled. Definitely better than the one we had last season! The ride down the Calgary track was a doddle in the park compared to the bruitaliity of the lake placid track The month ahead will see the team come together and testing being done before the begining of the season proper. The body is feeling every part of the training schedule already.  I look forward to seeing what my mind can make my body do! A good challenge ahead!

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