End of season Bobsleigh

admin | Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

WE ARE IN!!! The official word came through and the men's bob team made it through. We are allowed to send 4 guys from the team to the Olympics. The team worked hard all year and not without its trials and tribulations. It is like finding out that you made the grand final in under 12 soccer ten times over. You start to see the media coverage and begin to realise the enormity of what we achieved together. I personally will not be in the sled however the spirit of the team has grown stronger with the realisation that the individuals that are there represent is all, both as a team and as a Nation. It is really quite exciting to know that your friends are about to be part of history. Jamacia and Brazil also made it through however Jamaica will only be in 2 man and Brazil only the 4 Other teams we have formed close connections with will not be going as their national federation as elected not to send them despite them fulfilling the IOC requirements. That would have to be the most bitter pill to swallow as you know you have a spot waiting for you if only your national federation would send you The last race of the season was in  Königssee in the valley under Hitler's Eagles Nest. A  truely stunning area The points for the race did not count towards Olympic selection however it was a critical race to decide world rankings and World Cup positions for next year Our performance was not optimal given it was the last race before the Olympics however it gave us a fantastic opportunity to test and run our new borrowed sled! Our training camp in Oberhof Germany this week has been great with the boys in the sled pushing a personal best each day. With the first sliding day of the Olympics just over 2 weeks away we are peeking at the right time. Thank you all for your support over the year an I look forward to catching up with you personally after the Games.

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