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Mackenzie Kulen


BChiroSc, MChiro

After many years playing rugby union in my teens and the numerous injuries associated with the sport I found myself bouncing between many different healthcare modalities in what felt like a Holy Grail search for pain relief to enable my return to the sport I loved.

Not knowing much about chiropractic care, I was convinced by a friend to see one and was instantly amazed by the power of the treatment I received and the speedy recovery I experienced which in turn enabled me to get back to playing rugby at a national level in my schoolboy years.

I look back on that day as a pivotal turning point in my life, my keen interest in the human body and it’s workings alongside the successes I had personally experienced lead me to the monumental decision to pursue a future as a Chiropractor and so my chiropractic studies began.

I completed my Bachelor in Chiropractic Science and Master of Chiropractic degrees at Macquarie University, graduating in 2017. During my studies I discovered my passion for the Gonstead method of Chiropractic, neurology and the influence chiropractic can have when applied to all aspects of life. I believe Gonstead adjustments and lifestyle modifications can optimise the conditions for normal function, enabling health to return and allowing the body to heal and repair itself naturally.

When not treating I enjoy exploring the outdoors, cooking for friends and family or just hanging by the beach.

I am committed to promoting optimal health and well being and my passion lies in treating my patients, promoting health and vitality and helping them achieve their goals whether it is on the sporting field or in everyday life.

I am thrilled to join the incredible team at Prestidge Chiropractic who are committed to the highest standard of natural care possible, a passion we share collectively.

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Be A Chiropractic Patient.

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