Nicola Barber

Massage Therapist

Dip RM, Reflexology Level 1, Sports Medicine Level 1

I have been practicing Remedial Massage since 1998, using a blend my training to provide a unique massage experience. I combine the deeper Remedial techniques with the lighter Swedish Massage to create a treatment that satisfies both the physiological muscular needs, together with calming both the body and mind, to enable my clients to leave the premises feeling both revitalized and relaxed.

My background in the fitness industry as a fitness leader prior to gaining her Remedial Massage Diploma, together with a Course in Corrective Exercise Therapy and Sports Medicine will also help her to advice on effective stretches and strengthening exercised for her clients to continue with between visits. This will enable them to attain a better balance within their body and reduce any symptoms or pain that may occur.

The care we provide goes beyond the physical ache and pain, we care about the overall health and wellbeing of our patients.

If you have any further questions or would like to make a booking, please call us on 02 9948 1767.

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