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Sonia Sierra–Priego

Stretch Therapist

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)

My passion for life and desire to make life better for people is the basis of everything. I was an explorer and adventurer from birth. Nowadays, my adventurous spirit and natural curiosity are focused on health and wellbeing, personal growth and the human psyche, where I am most passionate about the quest to help people live the richest, fullest lives they can dream of.

I am fascinated by why we do what we do and constantly inspired by the amazing capacity we have as humans to grow, change and deal with whatever life throws at us.

I discovered Facial Stretch Therapy when searching for relief from a severe back pain caused by two bulging discs. The pain was debilitating. After my first session I felt relief. The therapy was affordable and accessible, and within a few sort weeks off commencing treatments the pain as subsiding, my back was healing, and I was getting back to my normal life.

Too many people accept pain as an inevitable and unavoidable burden of life. Their pain disrupts their sleep, affects their performance at work, challenges their relationships, restricts their lifestyle, and limits their happiness and wellbeing. I realised that Fascial Stretch Therapy could be a key to make life better from nay, and I felt a duty to give them access to this incredible therapy. I decided to train as a Fascia Stretch Therapy specialist the Stretch to Win Institute in Toronto.

Today I treat a varied range of people, including elite sports professionals seeking greater flexibility, mobility and reach, and regular people dealing with pain, or seeking greater flexibility, or improved sports performance. The human body has unlimited potential and I’m fascinated by Fascial Stretch Therapy’s unique ability to help achieve that potential. I love what I do. Fascia Stretch Therapy is my way to help people get the very best from life and their bodies.

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Be A Chiropractic Patient.

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